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    This is probably one of the main reasons for nano particles of aluminum in the chemtrails, that are causing the interference in the neural pathways effecting memory. Not to mention the fluoride in the water solidifying the pineal gland in an attempt to stop the subconscious memories of the past.

    The ridiculous part of people that try to discredit the Mandela effect are forgetting that the logo’s, tag lines and all the advertising, we remember are created by companies that spend millions of dollars specifically for the permanent implantation to the subconscious of their products! You can’t brainwash multiple generations and millions of people to remember your product and expect then just to tell them they are all wrong. Well you can try…. but it always doesn’t work.


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    Guess someone didn’t like the really good examples given. Whatever….

    [attachment=0:3nnqijaq]terminated video.png[/attachment:3nnqijaq]

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    [youtube:100ql3i3][/youtube:100ql3i3] 😆

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