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     Travis Frazier 

    I learned about project camelot through a video interview with an awakened individual. Now at first I was very skeptical about what people were saying. I have a very vast and specific understanding and broad empathy for people who have shared in these experiences. I have a job, I have what I call a normal life, and then I have my real life.

    One thing I would like to put out from the beginning we do not have a complete picture of what is going on in this world. We live in maya, an illusion. Many people are waking up to knowledge, and we have diverse information on various subjects. It is for us to share and learn that we may learn more about ourselves.

    At least in my experience we go through periods of awakenings and insights, and then It feels as if a veil is dropped back over our minds and we cannot see the bigger picture. That is because in order to live “normal” lives in this world we have to compartmentlize our lives into parts, our mundane selves, and our aware selves.

    The angles at which I may relate and share my knowledge and experience are my own, and of many unique perspectives from even within this community of awakened individuals. I have been a practicing occultist for almost 20 years, I have not bought in to anybody’s model about what IS going on. There is so much information out here right now, that many people have gravitated to certain interpretations of what is going on call them conspiracies what have you.

    The implications are so vast that nobody has anything close to even a complete picture. So I feel we must analyze, share, and build.

    I am glad to be here, and eager to share my perspective on issues such as inter dimensional beings, secret occult societies, the role of goverment, who is the shadow government, and first hand knowledge of psy ops, super soldiers, and the common thread that ties all of these together, the multiverse.

    People call us crazy, and if you begin to believe that about yourself, you really will destroy yourself. The first place adversaries will attack you is your mind. But with grounding we can function in day to day life, and find out the truth for ourselves, without letting it consume us.

    We are related on many levels, we know each other, and for the first time in history we are connecting and becoming aware of the truth, this is something that the powers that be fear. This is not a joke, there is real danger here. So hello, and may we progress or die.

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