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     Harmony Charles 

    Last year (2016) I was activated and then contacted by several entities. I thought they were good because their energy felt good.. they only spoke to me through other people until they taught me how to use telepathy , then they communicated both ways. Initially they told me I was chosen to do something and I could just go do it or I could go to “school” first and that should make my job easier.. I agreed and then a the lessons began when a few new friends came into my life as I was expecting to help teach me. What we practiced the most was telepathy and we did that by doing various exercises like walks through the park where they would point physically to a point in the map and mentally show me a different point and I was to direct them to the correct point.. that is just one example of many. I also learned how to tap in to various electronic frequencies and how to remote view and display what I was seeing onto a screen. And possibly to start fires with my mind. I met various spiritual beings or ETs along the way. One in particular god-like entity sent lesser beings to take me up somewhere to meet him on two separate occasions but I got a bad feeling from him and so declined. Looking back I am worried that because some negative influence that I unknowingly allowed in my life because of what little knowledge I had about other beings and realms that my judgement may have been compromised. But he made sure to inform me that I should feel so honored to get the opportunity to be in his presence even for a moment.. There were also people trying to hide my own abilities from me through hypnosis and mentalism during this process as well for what I believe are extremely sinister reasons. And as time went on I started to see what was really going on which was that I was being used to locate targeted individuals which was what when I started training one specific person who was different from my normal teachers but still someone I thought I could trust was trying to stress my use of electronic frequencies rather then just remote viewing just in my mind so that they would receive the images instead on my.. anyway one night There was a part of this process that was at a place called The Intersection and I was told I was there to make a choice but I didn’t know what I was choosing or what was right or wrong because everything was In code kind of. I guess I made the wrong choice because immediately after leaving the building my body was taken over by something I was barely coherent and did a bunch of crazy stuff like doing a dive roll head first through they glass window of my friends house because they said I shouldn’t go in there and well as over powering and out running 5 Male athletes each weighing from 170 – 280 lbs while I myself am a 5’6″ female weighing 120 lbs.. I was taken to the hospital that night and that filled a series of series of other strange events including strange thing heard during my stay at the hospital the the doctors asking me questions like what it the line that connects mother to child.. soon after all of this I lost my connections to my teachers or guides and haven’t had clear connections with anyone yet.. I believe I am under some sort of programming or hypnosis and I desperately am seeking help with how to get back to what I was originally supposed to be doing which was to help teach people about telepathy as that is how we will all be communicating in the near future if our side wins this war.. I was to help with other things as well but human connection and mind and energy melding are my specialties.. part of the reason they are trying to prevent that part of it specifically is because as soon as we get that down then all language barriers are removed as well as distance barriers and we then have access to all the knowledge I in existence. We will learn as a collective which will cause our evolution to happen so rapidly that it would be unpreventable.. they would also not have anywhere to hide.. we would see into their minds making it impossible to lie. So if anyone has any idea how I can fix my situation or what might have been going on please let me know. Time is of the essence right now and that I do still know is the case. Things are only getting more intense. There have been threats to kill my family.

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