Deprogramming Help please!!!

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     Harmony Charles 

    My name is Harmony clements and I am looking for help. I believe that I have been a victim of trauma based mind control my whole life i had a few years away from it but was recently reactivated by a new abuser and I don’t know for sure what is true about my situation. through a series of events I developed telepathy and various other abilities and soon after the discovery of that I was taken through many events to sit and watch as my family was killed and their bodies replaced by demons including my two children and all of my immediate family. and also made to feel that it was my fault it was happening. I feel like they have been having me do horrible things but I just can’t see it because I am under some sort of hypnosis. I was taken to the hospital at one point and they forced me to take several injections and scanned my brain.. I am in fear for my life and have nowhere to go.. I also believe that the local law enforcement is a part of it because my main abuser at the moment has many connections to them.. I feel very unsafe but cannot leave the state due to lack of funds and I am on probation for a DUI that I got early last year.. any information on how to deprogram would be appreciated.. I just really want to know what it real again

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